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NICOLE & FLEUR, Founders & Guardians, Sterrekopje Farm

OUR FAMILY, Welcomes You.

Cradled in the foothills of the Franschhoek Mountains, Sterrekopje is the beloved home of her founders, and a home away from home for her guests. Here, our family—from chefs and farmers to practitioners and artists—come together to share, teach, serve, and connect. These are the guardians of this precious land and the messengers of her stories, ready to welcome you to a place of intention, rooted in the wonders of Nature’s great creations. Welcome home to Sterrekopje.

STERREKOPJE FARM, Franschhoek, South Africa

A soulful place of connection, creative play, and growth.

SACRED REST, Soulful Transformation. 

A stay at Sterrekopje captures the senses, nurtures the soul, and invigorates the body. Created by our family of holistic practitioners, our rituals and daily Farm Rhythms are inspired by the purity of nature and the wisdom of our ancestors. Embark on a Journey to slow down, recenter, and reconnect—with yourself, with others, and with Mother Earth.



TOUCH Therapy

The ART of Bathing


RENEW & RESET. A Mindful Journey.

Rest is an essential daily practice at Sterrekopje, and each of our 11 Sanctuaries is purposefully curated to be a personal retreat—a room of one’s own that is simple yet generous, luxurious yet serene. Inspired by a diversity of cultures, customs, and collectively held memories, these private spaces spark contemplation, invoke inner calm, and promise a deep, restorative sleep.

JOHANNES, Grounds Keeper & Soil Guardian

EXPLORE. Create & Connect.

Every day at Sterrekopje is a chance to nourish curiosity and marvel at the earth around us. From the fertile soil to the wide open African skies, there are endless opportunities to explore our natural playground. Create in the Atelier, bask in the Bathhouse, grow in the garden. There is freedom here to do as much—or as little—as you wish. Your path to personal discovery awaits. 

HARVEST. From Soil to Soul. 

One of the oldest farmlands in Franschhoek, Sterrekopje’s 50 hectares have been nourishing those who tend to it for centuries. The olive trees and grapevines, the vegetables and wild grains—we nurture them, and they, in turn, nurture every part of us. Bury your hands in the soil, sow the seeds of tomorrow’s abundance, or simply sit back and indulge in the fruits of our labour of love. This is the root of all life, and the essence of Sterrekopje.

WINSTON & FRANKIE, Ground Keepers & Hole Diggers

WILD Mountain Plate

The day's BOUNTY