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This fertile land grows more than food—she fosters fresh ideas and new perspectives, feeding our minds as well as our bodies. Our way of farm life is intentional and in rhythm with Nature's cycles, bringing a profound sense of calm, as it connects us back to our primal roots, making way for growth. Each moment—every ritual, every bite, every breath—is a chance to celebrate the gifts of Mother Nature. From wine to olive oil, vegetables to flowers, we nurture the land, and, in turn, she nourishes us


The Daily Harvest

As the sun rises and the cock crows, the farm begins to gently comes to life. Birds sing and insects chirp— it’s our favourite part of the day—the heady smell of morning earth is a tonic for the soul. It is a moment of deep connection and gratitude for these gifts from Nature.

A Nature Philosophy

Head farmer Leon has cultivated the land, bringing forth her bounty humbly and honestly. We are stewards of her legacy, custodians of a fertile ground that has nourished many before us—and will continue to nourish others long after we’re gone. We celebrate diversity, growing more than 60 varietals of indigenous and heritage plants—creating symbiotic ecosystems that thrive in accordance with the laws of Nature. 

Conscious Indulgence

We believe conscious consumption and joyful indulgence can coexist in the same kitchen, at the same table, and on the same plate. We live by a philosophy of eating seasonally, respectfully, and with as little waste as possible. We grow, harvest, and raise many of our own ingredients, source and collaborate with other locally artisans and producers.

The Heart of the House

Located in the historical Main House, lies the heart of any home, the kitchen. Sterrekopje has always been a warm family home. The original family resided in the manor house, now the Bath House which dates back to 1694. The second family to watch over this land, moved into what was previously the cow shed and wine making barn. They expanded on this building and turned it into the spacious yet intimate main house of the farm. Now we use this space to commune, eat, connect, read, rest or just be