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At Sterrekopje, we have an unwavering trust in and respect for Nature.  Each moment—every ritual, every bite, every breath —is a chance to celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth.  We nurture the land, and, in turn, she nourishes us.  We invite you to join the rhythm of farm life, connect to your roots, foraging and gathering, and taking pleasure in the fruits of our love. 


“When you walk through the gardens and the farm, it is an emotional experience.  You feel grounded.  You are connected with the plants.”  LEON, Grounds Keeper & Soil Guardian


The farm is more than a source of delicious sustenance and fragrant herbs. It is a playground for all who open their hearts, minds, and bodies to it.  Join us in our Farm Rituals and on our daily sunrise harvests. Dig and sow, forage and gather, and bask in gratitude for the nourishment that the farm offers to our hearts, minds, and bodies. The walk from musky mint and overflowing fynbos to earthy vegetables and blossoming orchards is a profound journey through Sterrekopje’s great gifts. 

GUARDIANS of the Land.

For nearly two years, Leon has cultivated our ancestral farm, bringing forth her bounty humbly and honestly. We are stewards of her legacy, custodians of a fertile ground that has nourished many before us—and will continue to nourish others long after we’re gone. We celebrate diversity, growing more than 60 varietals of indigenous and heritage plants—creating symbiotic ecosystems that thrive in according with the laws of Nature. 

A NATURE Philosophy

We believe conscious consumption and joyful indulgence can coexist in the same kitchen, at the same table, and on the same plate. We live by a philosophy of eating seasonally, respectfully, and with as little waste as possible.  We grow, harvest, and raise many of our own ingredients, and we support a collective of local biodynamic farms beyond our 50 hectares.

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Elderflower & Carrot JAM?



The farm is OUR PANTRY 

Chef Carine believes in honest food. Guided by the seasonal bounty of the farm and our local community of ethical producers, she crafts each dish around the daily harvest. Every season, every day, every seedling presents a new opportunity to enliven the senses and nourish the body.



Afternoon DELIGHT

“Our food is uncomplicated and honest and leaves you feeling deeply nourished, satisfied, and happy.”  CARINE, Chef

Apple Wood Blackened VEG


Our hearts are full, we delight in every small joy, we marvel at these bounties we are so privileged to share.  We celebrate each sacred day, sometimes with quite reflection, and sometimes with our hearts and souls roaring to the beat of an ancient drum—one that is primal, one that rises up from the very core of our being, and we give thanks. 

SUN Salute


PRIMAL Calling

SPARKLE the night away