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A journey of creativity & play


In alignment with the four seasons, Sterrekopje hosts 4 Wise Women retreats, a celebration and reclamation of the Wise Woman within.


Created to build deeper connections with our innate feminine power, this retreat is a gentle & joyful path to self-remembering and reclamation.

A joyful celebration of remembrance & connection

Community & connection—at one with Mother Nature

"A celebration & reclamation of the Wise Woman within."

The Wise Woman

Rekindling our strength, sovereignty, and power


Sterrekopje is a natural playground where everyone—big and small—is encouraged to explore their curiosity and set their imagination free. 

Several times a year we welcome you to join us on the farm for special holiday retreats that bring families together for a week of play, laughter, rest, and affection. Reconnect with your tribe—and yourself—through scavenger hunts and art classes for the children, grounding therapies and movement classes for the parents, and joyful moments of togetherness for all with pizza-making, family yoga, and nature walks.

The Family Retreat is a 6 night stay.


22 December 2024 - 2 January 2025

17 - 22 April 2025

A playground for big & small

Curiosity & Play

Soaking in deep nourishment of body & soul


Rather than focusing on self-improvement, this retreat is about celebrating and strengthening our sovereignty, our power, and the ways in which we can utilise this power not only for ourselves but for the collective.


We explore the thread that binds us, womb to womb, woman to woman, stretching back in time, creating a web of connection and information from that which came before us, and that which will come after us.

Playful interludes of the gathering of a sisterhood

The Ritual Hammam

Shedding the old to make way for the new