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Cradled in the foothills of the Franschhoek mountains lies Sterrekopje, a biodiverse farm and soulful sanctuary of healing rest, creativity and play. Guided by ancestral wisdom and a conscious way of living, this luxurious farmhouse exists to regenerate earth, body, and soul.


Sanctuaries & Suits

Whether you’re seeking a private oasis or a slice of idyllic farm life, Sterrekopje has curated a space to foster deep, restorative sleep and inspire contemplation and creativity.


The Farm

This fertile land grows more than food—she fosters fresh ideas and new perspectives, feeding our minds as well as our bodies. 

Each moment—every ritual, every bite, every breath—is a chance to celebrate the gifts of Mother Nature. From wine to olive oil, vegetables to flowers, we nurture the land, and, in turn, she nourishes us.

Our way of farm life is intentional, regenerative and in rhythm with Nature's cycles, bringing a profound sense of calm as it connects us back to our primal roots.


Bathhouse & Atelier

Combining the ancient and the new, creativity and play, our team of holistic practitioners and resident artists have developed a range of rituals, rhythms to unfurl the body, and mind.



Each year we curate several seasonal retreats where to discover a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other, and the intricately interconnected ecosystems we live in.


Her Story

Sterrekopje was born from a dream of an abundant, centred way of life rooted in Nature. A beloved home to her founders & guests.

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Stay With Us

Our family—from chefs and farmers to practitioners and artists—come together to share, teach, serve, and connect. These are the guardians of this precious land and the messengers of her stories, ready to welcome you to a place of intention and tranquillity.

YOU ARE HERE—well not yet—but we look forward to welcoming you. From the fertile soil to the wide-open African skies, there are endless opportunities to explore our natural playground.


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