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​At Sterrekopje, we have an unwavering trust in and respect for Nature.  Each moment—every ritual, every bite, every breath —is a chance to celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth.  We nurture the land, and, in turn, she nourishes us.  We invite you to join the rhythm of farm life, connect to your roots, foraging and gathering, and taking pleasure in the fruits of our love. 

The ABUNDANT Sanctuaries.

​The six Abundant Sanctuaries are spacious refuges secreted away from the outside world, where guests can reconnect with their true selves.  Located within the Main House, or nestled among the farm and gardens, they offer more generous spaces for relaxation and contemplation, with private terraces and living areas that make room for as much, or as little, activity as you wish


​Our most elaborate Sanctuaries are true oases of rest and rejuvenation, with expansive living rooms, spa-like bathrooms, and exquisite details at every turn. Each Rejuvenation Suite offers something special and unique: Outdoor soaking tubs and garden showers, lovingly restored architectural details, and beautiful design pieces from around the world. Write a letter on the custom stationery tucked away in your antique desk, read a book in a cozy chair by your fireplace, or sip herbal tea from the garden on your private terrace. 

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